Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trad Treats: Gimbals Fine Candy

I was chastised recently for not pointing out enough classic, trad stuff lately. And what was listed as an example? Original Lifesavers? Please. Lifesavers have only been around since, what, the 1930s? Noobs. Gimbals Fine Candy out of San Francisco has been family owned since the 1800s and has quietly been putting out superior candy ever since. I must admit that I haven't known about them long. My Harris Teeter started carrying them (they've since stopped, unfortunately) and I thought that I'd give them a try.

If you want a really old school, trad candy for a gift, how about some Licorice Scotties in a cool tarten bag? If you are convinced that you can't stand licorice because of memories of that weird plastic red and black rope that you gnawed on as a kid, give these little black dogs a try. They have a nice herbal flavor that is addicting. They make a good jelly bean too although they are pretty much like Jelly Bellys.
Do you like Sour Patch Kids or similar sour gummy candy? Gimbals Sour Lovers candy is like Sour Patch kids, but for adults. Each bag contains many distinctly different sour fruit flavors plus the candies are naturally flavored and high in Vitamin C. -What's not to like?
Even though they are manufactured in San Francisco, this is not a overly gourmet product and each bag is priced reasonably; not cheap but reasonably. Pass on the little bags and invest in one of the big bags. You'll want plenty. Gimbals Fine Candy.

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