Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trailer Trad Attire: Do You Know Sh*t from Shinola?

Much has been made of Detroit darling Shinola and its hipster wares. --I love their mission and their design aesthetic, as evidenced by their beautiful bikes. And I love there classic, preppy 'Runwell' wrist watches with their functional 'coach's stopwatch' look and handsome leather bands. However, this being Trailer Trad, I'm always looking for the source of the style at bargain prices. Did Shinola and other fashionable makers originate this classic look? I suspect that modest Timex may have beaten them to the punch.

My current watch is a minimalist Timex Weekender with a NATO, leather band. However, intrigued by the Amazon sale price and navy blue dial, I purchased a Weekender Chrono with light tan NATO band. Not sure which I like better. Thoughts?

While searching Timex's website, I came across these appealing watches. Like the Weekender, the Waterbury has no-nonsense styling but with the added heft of authentic Redwing boot leather bands with handsome stitching. The cases are solid stainless steel too. Not bad at all for around $100.