Monday, February 23, 2015

Primeval Pint

During the cold snap this week, I discovered when I left work that my car doors were frozen shut. Since I couldn't open them, I decided to walk home. Normally, this wouldn't be bad at all but I really wasn't dressed for it and it was maybe 10 degrees with a  steady breeze. Nasty.

So, I began the hike through downtown towards Glennwood South for the dogleg home to Hayes Barton. Luckily, The Hibernian is a nice Irish bar exactly halfway to home from the office. I gladly retreated to the upstairs fireplace. Cozy. 'Cozy' is kind of rare now-a-days in Raleigh. Most establishments have gone all in for minimalist decor, small food, and big beer prices. Or, they have opted for the 'airport sports bar' business model with the same burgers, jillion taps and pleasant-but-vaguely-detached waitresses.

Nope. I needed a refuge from the elements; a nice, dark-paneled nook to warm up and brace myself for the remainder of my commute. Now I know how welcome and prized favorite road-side inns must have been back when journeys were a lot more dangerous and uncomfortable than they are today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

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