Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: Wallace Idaho

I recently ventured over to Montana for the weekend and stayed in the little town of Wallace, Idaho. It's a weird little town that was built on wealth from silver mining that is still very important to this region's economy. As a matter of fact, there was a strike underway by a group called the Lucky Friday Miners and support posters were in many windows in town.

What makes the town interesting is that, around twenty years ago, an interstate was planned to rip through the town. Powerful families (a thing in Idaho) steered the highway (I-90) above the town on elevated ramps. The entire town was then designated as an historic preservation area and, as a result, most of it is very well preserved.

Its almost as if a Chernobyl-style emergency evacuated the town in 1950 and everyone left. This is one of those areas that definitely has that Northwest, 'Twin Peaks' style eeriness. I loved it!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: North Idaho Rustic Style Featuring Taxidermy

On a recent trip into Montana, I stopped into an antique store that featured a nice selection of taxidermy that would look great in a North Idaho cabin. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: The Most Manly Grill In the World

I went up to camp at Heyburn Lake last weekend and had a great time hiking and enjoying a little time away from bustling Moscow, Idaho. Heyburn Lake State Park is the oldest park in the Northwest United States but is pretty much a hidden gem compared to more heavily visited areas in Montana and Southern Idaho.
While there, I came across some nice, original park facilities built early in the 20th Century when the it was originally laid out. The buildings look like they were designed by the firm of  Flintstone and Rubble in the 'Jellystone' architectural style. Wonderful stone work and extensive use of logs finished in handsome dark green make these attractive landmarks in the park.

The shelter is the largest building and contains some unique elements. In addition to a beautiful Arts and Crafts Movement fireplace and wrought iron accents, it features a very impressive grill. Most park shelters contain a grill or even cooking facilities but this one has, not one, but three massive iron griddle cooking surfaces. At the base of the rock work are cool iron doors where wood would be piled into for cooking and for clearing ash. I can imagine how these were built for the crowds of hungry foresters and large numbers of Civilian Conservation Corps workers that lived and worked at Heyburn constructing trails, fighting forest fires, and other park tasks.

Can you imagine a breakfast cooked on one of these bad boys? Three red-hot iron slabs cooking the morning's fare with wood smoke pouring out of the central rock chimney would certainly be welcome before a long day's work! 

Finishing it out is a pretty unique, rustic  kitchen counter constructed entirely of logs!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: Mother's Rugby Polishing Its Act

My old club, Mother's Rugby, is off to a flying start this spring. I'm excited about their new, professionally produced recruiting videos. Hopefully, these will really aid in getting the word out about the amazing direction that the club is going in. Plainly, they don't need a lot of help recruiting additional great players, but more on that later.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trailer Trad Attire: Do You Know Sh*t from Shinola?

Much has been made of Detroit darling Shinola and its hipster wares. --I love their mission and their design aesthetic, as evidenced by their beautiful bikes. And I love there classic, preppy 'Runwell' wrist watches with their functional 'coach's stopwatch' look and handsome leather bands. However, this being Trailer Trad, I'm always looking for the source of the style at bargain prices. Did Shinola and other fashionable makers originate this classic look? I suspect that modest Timex may have beaten them to the punch.

My current watch is a minimalist Timex Weekender with a NATO, leather band. However, intrigued by the Amazon sale price and navy blue dial, I purchased a Weekender Chrono with light tan NATO band. Not sure which I like better. Thoughts?

While searching Timex's website, I came across these appealing watches. Like the Weekender, the Waterbury has no-nonsense styling but with the added heft of authentic Redwing boot leather bands with handsome stitching. The cases are solid stainless steel too. Not bad at all for around $100.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: Idaho Outdoors On the Cheap, Part Two

Christmas break is over and the University of  Idaho campus is gearing back up for the winter semester. I need to go over there from time to time because the university has a great resource for townies like myself. The U.I. Recreation Center (complete with rock-climbing wall) is a huge, state-of-the-art facility that includes a very valuable perk-- an outdoor sports center that promotes outdoor sports and its rental center loans out an extensive range of outdoor sports items.
This seems pretty unique to an East Coaster like myself. At least 2,000 sq, the facility provides the Moscow community with a wide range of top quality, hard-to-find equipment for rent at very reasonable prices.

Monday, January 9, 2017