Monday, September 28, 2015

Trailer Trad Attire: Shenandoah Shopping Surprise

On a recent trip through the Virginia countryside, my sister took us to a very special place. She, my mom, and many others have complained (justifiably) that there are no places that simply sell classic, ladylike clothes anymore. If they do, they are in little boutiques with big prices. The malls offer rivers of cheap, disposable fashions meant for very young women (or those awkwardly trying to pass for very young women).

Rather than a boutique, The Fashion Gallery is really a small department store housed in an old horse auction gallery in the middle of NOWHERE (Verona Virginia, near Staunton). But, walk in the door and you'll be amazed at the presentation, inventory, and amount of women's clothing. They also do a great job with home decor and children's clothing. 

This is the view from the Verona VA corner where Fashion Gallery is located. What's inside the store is a little nicer...

This large, large boutique meanders back through a number of well-lit rooms. Around a half dozen nice ladies stand at attention to greet visitors or straighten up the racks. The owner, Linda Holden, was not in the store when we visited. From what I understand, she retired from teaching around 30 years ago to open the store. Ever since, one can easily see that see has kept a keen eye on her store though she's often in New York on buying trips. I find the image of a lady from the Shenandoah Valley patrolling the Garment District and NY runway shows and shipping $$$ of clothing back to little, tiny Verona wonderful.