Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trailer Trad Tunes: A Tear In My Beer NEW Country

It's not hipster. It's not shoegazesurftechno, and other classic alternatives hits that I have showcased since I began this blog. Big FM country gives voice to the fly-over every-man. Every other hit features at least two of the following (often all four): a pickup/dirt road, alcohol, a hot girl, and some Americana totem like blue jeans or a 'one stoplight town.'

But, on the flip side, other hits explore the depths of heartbreak of mistakes made or of the farmer's daughter that left town for Hollywood (boo!) stardom. Some of these new country hits may suggest that rural men are VERY LONELY because these songs are odes to the out-of-your-league cheerleader or that mythical blue-eyed blond mysteriously available once at the bar stool next to yours.

However, I must say that the recent resurgence in alcohol use in these lyrics is a little weird. Beer has always been big but bourbon, whiskey, and assorted tropical concoctions are seemingly in every song coming out of Nashville now. Considering declining life expectancy and substance abuse problems in rural America, I'm not sure that this is a wise trend. Again, I get that booze has been a part of country music since its inception but putting 'Crown and Sprite' everywhere makes it seem like distillers are doing a little marketing push in Nashville.

Enough of the after school special public service announcement. Give the tunes a chance. You might sing along or even choke up a little!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Trailer Trad Tunes: New Country's Truck, Beer, and Blonde Party Songs

These days, it seems like having fun or making jokes is frowned upon. Everything is overthought, overwrought, and overbought. Entertainment consists of force-fed, focus-grouped pop culture irony sandwiched between virtue signaling references to the cause de jour. It sucks. But, as Chris Janson sings, "I can't fix that but I can fix a drink!"

Country musicians and their fans realize that sometimes if you want to have fun you have to make some and if you want to be funny in humorless times, you have make fun of yourself. Singing about boot-scooting and beer drinking provide cultural touchstones that build a sense of community. Of course, any self respecting country boy would proudly display a sticker of Calvin peeing on the phrase "cultural touchstones that build a sense of community" on the back of his F-150. Enjoy the tunes!