Monday, December 4, 2017

Beautiful Richmond Part II: I've Found a New Barbershop!

Just as I found a quality $10 hair cut back in my hometown, I came across this gem a block or two from my apartment. Housed in the ancient  John Marshall hotel (there are MANY such buildings in downtown Richmond), the barbershop dates from the 1920s and has retained most of the fixtures including throne-like barber chairs and stations holding Barbisol disinfectant and neck towels. Nothing to hoity about it, the long-time owner is quick with a handshake and friendly greeting and barbers that know how to cut hair. Not bad for $20....Hey, I'm in the big city now!
Many of the towering buildings in the downtown financial district are a century old. In the subterranean level of one of these beautiful buildings are rows of store-fronts from back when retail space was a little more in demand. These are beautiful storefronts but the only one occupied is a lonely time capsule of  a barber shop, open when the owner feels like it. In a way, its even more cool than the John Marshall shop!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trailer Trad Living: How Could a Business Called 'Proper Pie Co.' Not be Trad?

The Proper Pie Company in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond has a little kiwi in its appealing pie logo. As if that's not cool enough, they tout their wares as representing the New Zealand style of pie making. The small pies are half savory quiche, half pie. Flaky crust pies that you can smell baking from across the street. Draws you in.
These kids are cool, yet not too hipster cool....yet.

Trad aesthetic and philosophy + wonderful, savory light meals + reasonably priced  equals Trailer Trad culinary gold.