Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trad Trad Collecting: A Mid-Century Modern Chair Find

An early morning junk hunt yielded some pretty cool finds recently when I picked a few pieces of North Carolina history. I bought a few chairs that were installed circa 1960 when the cutting edge North Carolina Legislative Building was built by then-rock star architect Edward Durell Stone. These look a little rough but I've seen them refinished and, even though they are walnut, they really have that great Danish Modern teak look that is red hot right now.

The only mark on the bottom was a 'j.g.' within a circle. I was really hopeful that these were designed in Denmark and made of teak. They certainly would lead one to believe that, by the looks of them...Turns out that they were manufactured by J.G. Furniture Co. out of New York. They were handpicked to go into the brandnew legislative building and were part of innumerable political wranglings and intrigue over the decades. They have found a new home and will be sold refinished for $400 apiece!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Trailer Trad Attire: Kamik Boots Made in Canada

I'm in the market for COLD weather boots and I've discovered a brand of boot that I may go with. Although I've still got my calf-height Bean boots from many years ago, they're not insulated.

These could be the ticket. Kamik boots are a 100 year old family owned company based in Canada. They are practical for outdoors but would also look good slogging to the office or apres ski. The models range from around $60 to around $150. The duckboot shown above is their Albourg model and the ones below are their Helsinki and Fargo models.

Kamik also manufactures a cool line of women's and kid's boots. They have a line of 'Hunter style' boots that are priced much lower than their British cousins and they make tons of apres ski snow boots, etc.