Thursday, January 17, 2013

Women of Brit Pop

Ever since Petula Clark and and the women of the 'Northern Soul' movement of the 1960s, British pop music has featured many charming lady lead singers and today's British alternative music scene is no acception.
Here are a few good ones and I hope you like'em. Do you have a favorite? 


Rin Tin Tin said...

You should consider doing more stories about dogs. You know, man's best friend. Dogs with fur and tails that chase waterfowl, and not women from London that look like heroin addicts. Just my two cents.

Uncle Cletus said...

Not sure who these musical groups are, but you should do a piece on that Dolly Parton -- awesome singer that lady!

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. or Ms. Tin,

Are you calling Petula Clark a heroin addict?

Give the tunes a listen. You might like one or two!

Dear Uncle,

I knew that you didn't visit Dollywood just for the food.

Rin Tin Tin said...

I like dogs. And guns. And bourbon. And tweed. And vintage pennants and flags. And depression glass and jade Fire King. I love old baseball cards that smell like they've been in the basement for the better part of a century. I like fishing tackle - especially those half red & half white bobs. I like tortoiseshell combs and eyeglasses. And wooden clothes brushes and shoe horns. I like genuine cordovan wingtips and Barbour jackets. I like Hermes ties and simple silver cufflinks. I like anything with my school crest emblazoned upon it. Did I mention that I like dogs? Well, I don't like annoying girl bands, or bands where you can't tell the girls from the boys. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but that's how I feel.

North American Snob said...

Hmmm, the Joy Formidable girl looks like the love-child of Debbie Harry and Annie Lennox (with a little Jamie Lee Cutis thrown into the mix); the Camera Obscura girl looks like Kathy Griffin; and War Paint, well, let's just say they are decidedly NOT Petula Clark.

Blackford said...


Mildred said...

Did someone say Dollywood?

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Tin,

I must congratulate you on your flawless taste (i.e. identical to mine). -You even like depression glass! But what's the point if you can't have a guilty pleasure or two?

Think of it as buying an Oxxford suit, having it expertly tailored and then leaving a sleave button undone.

Mr. Snob,

Well played Sir. I concede the point. I'm beginning to like the cut of my readership's jib!


Get well soon!


I hear that Dollywood has great roasted turkey legs fit for a viking!

Earl Buford said...

I'm personally hoping for a Spice Girls reunion.