Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking Forward to The Fair: NC State Fair Sights from 2011

When you think of state fairs, you probably think of loud, garrish carnival rides and crowds waiting in lines for deep-fried whatever is determined to be more offensive than koolaid or bubble gum that year.  
The North Carolina State Fair is certainly that. But it is much, much more. Much of the NC State Fair is quite suitable to civilized, traditional temperaments. -Little Bean and I had a great time!
I'd love to be a proud 'Alpha'  (member of the Alpha chapter of the North Carolina Gourd Society). I wonder what their secret handshake is? Do they TP the Zeta house (The Zeta chapter of the American Petunia Society*)?

*To my knowledge, there isn't such a chapter. But there should be.
Hey, just because we liked the quieter, agricultural side of the fair doesn't mean we didn't partake in some oohy gooey, deep-fried fair awesomeness.

A major focus of the fair is remembering the State's preindustrial past. Blacksmiths, basket weavers, homemade apple cider rekindle long-ago memories in the older visitors and spark curiousity in young fair goers who have never that side of North Carolina life.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer's Over: Back to the Beach!

Summer's over but very warm afternoons in Raleigh keep sending reminders of the long days now past us. I've compiled a play list of indie songs that bring to mind getting away or perhaps going on that last weekend beach getaway. -As always, most are not really about these things but have such things in the group's name or in the song title (this isn't a Jimmy Buffet playlist afterall -although there's nothing wrong with that).

Best Coast When I'm With You
Boat We Want It! We Want It!
Wild Nothing Paradise
War paint Undertow
Beach Fossils Face It
Smith Westerns Weekend
Surfer Blood Fast Jabroni
Beach House Silver Soul
The Libertines Don't Look Back Into the Sun

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer's Over: Homesick for Summer Camp

Lil' Bean certainly enjoys her month at camp every summer and still misses it a month into her first year of high school. She told me it's her second home. She took these pictures at this wonderful camp this summer and I thought that they really capture the melancholy feeling of summer ending.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Few Fine (Pre) Fall Vintage Finds

I saw these beauties in a downtown thrift store and I knew that I had to save them. If you've never seen Doc Maarten dress shoes (which I hadn't), you'll be amazed at the quality. These are benchmade English footwear of the highest quality. -But where will I wear them? They look smashing with blue or gray seersucker... but we're heading into fall....I'll find an occasion!

I found this great jacket just the other day and, other than taking in a bit, it should look great come the First Weekend in November!
Like the leather suitcase? I picked it recently for ten dollars. a fresh coat of Angelis brown shoe polish and it  ready to accompany me and my Marley Hodgeson Ghurka bag on my autumnal travels. 
Alright, alright! I give up. I'm now on the skinny repp tie bandwagon (not for me, but in concept). However, these that I 've found recently are the real McCoy. -Vintage 1980's haberdashery from old school prep shops.

This English, handwoven skinny wool repp tie is better than any that you'd find on a 'hillside.'

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Proud Sponsor of the ATP Tour with a Brilliant Ad

If you are watching US Open tennis on ESPN as I am, you probably have seen this Emirates Airline commercial. I think that the ad captures the excitment of a new, global world exquisitely. The model in the ad is absolutely stunning as is the soundtrack "Trek" by Spencer & Antfood. If you like that song, you may like The Naked and Famous' Young Blood which, although released in 2010, is one of my favorite music finds of the year.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's ACC Football Season Once Again! UNC Vs Duke 1938

Didn't football used to be a cold weather sport? Kick-off of the college football season began today and it was in the mid-90s in Raleigh. To remind you of REAL football weather (as well as real football attire!), I'm presenting some images from a long-ago Tobacco Road feud that still rages on today; albeit primarily in basketball.

Photo credit: Library of Congress,
Farm Security Administration, Office of War Information Collection