Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer's Over: Homesick for Summer Camp

Lil' Bean certainly enjoys her month at camp every summer and still misses it a month into her first year of high school. She told me it's her second home. She took these pictures at this wonderful camp this summer and I thought that they really capture the melancholy feeling of summer ending.



Pine Plains Weekender said...

The photo of the canoes is just terrific, it reminds me of my own summers spent at Boy Scout camp at Camp Aquehonga. She's clearly got her father's eye.

P.O. Palustris said...

I agree with Mr. Weekender (though why Mr. and Mrs. Weekender named their child Pine Plains I'm not sure) -- excellent pics!

Trailer Trad said...

Mssrs. Weekender and Palustris,

You are too kind although L'il Bean would strongly assert that it is I who has HER eye!