Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trailer Trad Collecting: Spring Pickin'

I went to an estate sale the other weekend and it had some good things going for it. It wasn't advertised and it was run informally by the family. Some interesting, dusty old junk. I must admit that I would have passed by the poster shown below because reproduction posters are everywhere but a friend pointed to it and told me to check it out. Smart lady.
This excellent condition, vibrant poster is a rare combination that hits three hot, competitive collectibles markets: country store antiques, sporting antiques, and black memorabilia. It may prove to be a very significant example of the latter.
The age of the framed poster is hard to determine but I lucked out when I noticed that the hardware store where it came from had its phone number on it the back. The phone number is quite early. Two digits with a letter would date it to the 1940s at latest, I would think. 
This is one of those nice little purchases that make picking worthwhile. This heavy little silver-plate platter came from the Fairmont Hotel. Made by Reed & Barton, it seems to be from the 1930s or 1940s and will be perfect for serving morning tea or afternoon cookies!
This leather and canvas tool bag came out of another good estate sale in the neighborhood. Oftentimes, good stuff (items that can be googled for valuation easily for instance) goes quickly at estate sales but quirky stuff like this can sit untouched for hours. Sales price = $3.
I picked up a couple more 1940s/50s state juice glasses because I use them and they are awesome.


Anonymous said...

The lithograph is VERY cool. I am thrilled you grabbed it! Since I sprained my ankles from some chaotic dancing, I will have the time to investigate this for you further. Nice catch---

Zeb said...

That Kentucky glass would be looking a lot better if it was full of bourbon!

Jennifer Addeo said...

I'm looking for that moby dick fabric you osted about years ago do you still have it?