Friday, August 14, 2015

Recent Junking Finds

Here are a few recent junking purchases acquired at local estate and yard sales. This mint little badge was attached to 1930s/1940s automobiles to signify that they carried State Farm insurance-I think.
I love vintage clothes but they are SO hard to find because men simply wear out everything that they buy. Exceptions are special items that they hold onto, like this wool baseball cap from around 1960. Very nice, soft condition but too small for my size 7 and 24/8ths head.
These 70s plastic chairs probably aren't worth that much because I don't know the manufacturer or designer but I do know that that they look really cool and that they were bought by the owners out of the window of Raleigh's best Mid-Century furniture store Father and Son Antiques.
This a cute little whale. It's a 1940's bedside change stand that a guy would use to hold his pipe, wallet, change etc. Very charming and functional.
Judging by the tall ship rigging, I'd guess this framed photo is from the 1940s or so, maybe earlier. Nice, large image with cool subject matter.
These french signs are from the 1950s or 1960s and went in restrooms, etc. 'Salle de bains' means restroom while 'defense de cracher' means no spitting. -Seriously.


K.R. said...

We could have really used a "defense de cracher" sign in Ham Ho.

Bucky said...

I fear you have absconded with the Trump interior decorator for this post!

DJT said...


I'll have you know that I have a gold commode in my airplane, because (let me be clear on this) I am CLASSY! So before you imply that I would have a plastic whale from the 1970s hanging in any of my VERY CLASSY homes, I invite you to consider that fact! Also I have gold sinks, gold countertops, and even gold furniture. Because I am CLASSY -- got it? BTW (to use some modern lingo), you will not be getting a baseball cap.

Trailer Trad said...


"K.R." Classic. You're not the real K.R., are you? Where were you on the night of New Years Eve, 198? and were or were you not one of the "frat boys" who converged on Warrenton Country Club in black tie blowing duck calls and creating mass hysteria? We will never know, will we?


I would have thought that a NY boy like Trump and you would be bros? Guess not.


Anonymous said...

Two words: Gold Elevator. Pure CLASS.

By the way, why do I have to pick all of the pictures of pancakes in order to post on this website? This is stupid.

K.R. said...

That depends. What is the statute of limitations on "trespassing" at a New Years Eve party?

Weasel said...

HAM HO HAP HO rides again!

Trailer Trad said...

Anon 4:04,

You'll be happy to know that picking out pancakes is an exam to qualify to work at Donald Trump's breakfast buffet at Trump Casino. You passed and I couldn't be more proud.


K.R. said...

Two words: "Humanitarian Instincts."