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What Real Men Did On St. Pat's Weekend

Spoiler alert: That's not me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's From Trailer Trad

The photo shows a proud Meredith grad showing off her handiwork. She said that she's Italian but she looks Irish to me.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trailer Trad Living: Bachelor Breakfast

On a recent rainy, dreary weekend a box of Jiffy pancake mix was a lifesaver. I didn't have much in the fridge but with this stuff I didn't need much, just some milk. I could handle that!

I'm getting the hang of this 1950's waffle maker/grill that I found at a yard sale in its original box. -Waffles stick even when PAM is liberally applied but it makes pancakes like a champ. 
Add maple syrup and plenty of Irish County Derry butter...

This is when collecting diner china pays off. Pancakes just taste better on an Odd Fellows Lodge plate and the coffee stays a little hotter when drunk out of a 1940s White Tower coffee mug.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trailer Trad Grooming: Royall Lyme Aftershave

I miss Bermuda. Although its been many years since my honeymoon there, I still have many fond memories of the island; especially the place where my wife and I stayed, The Reefs. I recently purchased some Royall Lyme aftershave and it really captures the tropical, civilized nature of Bermuda.

Fifty years ago Mr. Anthony Gaade, a renowned Bermudian yachtsman and competitor in international races brought the very first Royall fragrance to market in 1957. As the name implies (hopefully the spelling doesn't throw you off), Royall Lyme is from native West Indian limes. In addition, according to the company, it also contains a secret blend of 78 ingredients, beating Kentucky Fried Chicken by a full 66.

Adding to its pedigree, In 1960 Royall Lyme was introduced at Brooks Brothers New York and you can still buy it there. Following Royall Lyme, Mr. Gaade created other fragrances which capture the essence of Bermuda. Royall Spyce, Royall Bay Rhum and Royall Muske. The Royall Mandarin fragrance joined the other successful family scents in 2001 followed by Royall Vetiver in 2006 and finally

Royall Rugby was added in 2011 and I bet that I'd love it but I haven't seen any in stores where I could sample it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trailer Trad Collecting: Raleigh's Best Americana (And More)

There is an old business axiom called  "The 80/20 Rule." It basically means that 20 percent of businesses/workers produce 80 percent of the sales/work. It's more like the 95/05 rule in the antiques business in that a small minority of antique dealers seem to come up with almost all of the really interesting, high quality stuff. Raleigh's Adlib antiques in my Hayes Barton neighborhood is such a business. It features great early antiques with original finish, attractively displayed.
This collection of fishing bobbers date from the early 20th century and look great displayed in an original hand-blown jar.
In addition to antique furnishings, the shop owner Libby curates a great collection of Navajo turquoise jewelry. She travels to New Mexico and the Southwest periodically to restock with beautiful, authentic pieces.
This dramatic 19th Century sporting portrait would be quite a dramatic focal point in an historic home. -I'll bet the subject of the painting broke a lot of hearts long ago.
Early trade signs like this druggist's trade sign with original weathered gilt finish are rare as hen's teeth today.
Although the shop features primarily American antiques, some European pieces like this English sporting oil painting are mixed in to good effect.
The guy that Libby got this country Hepplewhite walnut side table from surely must be a man of great taste and refinement!
This pair of side chairs is typical of the care that Libby takes in curating her collection. The chairs have their original finish and upholstered with beautiful Brunschwig & Fils fabric. Yet they are made to be used and are instilled with a sense of fun.
Religious iconography has become much more popular. Often chalkware figures like this are missing hands or other pieces. Dealers have told me that long-ago owners intentionally broke off pieces for good luck and add to the authenticity. -Don't know if he just made that up to sell a broken piece or not!