Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trailer Trad Collecting: Raleigh's Best Americana (And More)

There is an old business axiom called  "The 80/20 Rule." It basically means that 20 percent of businesses/workers produce 80 percent of the sales/work. It's more like the 95/05 rule in the antiques business in that a small minority of antique dealers seem to come up with almost all of the really interesting, high quality stuff. Raleigh's Adlib antiques in my Hayes Barton neighborhood is such a business. It features great early antiques with original finish, attractively displayed.
This collection of fishing bobbers date from the early 20th century and look great displayed in an original hand-blown jar.
In addition to antique furnishings, the shop owner Libby curates a great collection of Navajo turquoise jewelry. She travels to New Mexico and the Southwest periodically to restock with beautiful, authentic pieces.
This dramatic 19th Century sporting portrait would be quite a dramatic focal point in an historic home. -I'll bet the subject of the painting broke a lot of hearts long ago.
Early trade signs like this druggist's trade sign with original weathered gilt finish are rare as hen's teeth today.
Although the shop features primarily American antiques, some European pieces like this English sporting oil painting are mixed in to good effect.
The guy that Libby got this country Hepplewhite walnut side table from surely must be a man of great taste and refinement!
This pair of side chairs is typical of the care that Libby takes in curating her collection. The chairs have their original finish and upholstered with beautiful Brunschwig & Fils fabric. Yet they are made to be used and are instilled with a sense of fun.
Religious iconography has become much more popular. Often chalkware figures like this are missing hands or other pieces. Dealers have told me that long-ago owners intentionally broke off pieces for good luck and add to the authenticity. -Don't know if he just made that up to sell a broken piece or not!


Pine Plains Weekender said...

For a minute, I thought you were selling the contents of your man-cave. Don't you have many of those items in your own collection, Mr. Trad?

Bucky Buford said...

some of that stuff is down right creepy, i think eyes of Jesus are looking at me


Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Weekender,

You're too kind. I have had similiar americana but, alas, it has gotten too expensive and hard to find for me to add much to my collection.

Cousin Bucky,

Are you sure that it wasn't your 1973 'Vegas Elvis' Jim Beam decanter staring at you?

Mildred said...

"Last night I broke the seal on a Jim Bean decanter that looked like Elvis...I drank down to his pelvis..."

Great old George Jones song, Mr. Trad, thanks for reminding me of it. There were nights when the boys would be playing cards and drinking Virginia Gentleman, and I would be sitting in the next room cleaning my gun, that I'd play that song over and over. I also listened to a lot of David Allan Coe. Them were good times.

Jethro Bodine said...

Jesus is looking at you, Bucky, and it shouldn't be hard for you to figure out why.

Trailer Trad said...


I think most readers, when thinking of you, had more of a 'Betty Draper cleaning her pearls' type of image.

That's kind of shot now.

Mildred said...

Ha, I drive an F-150 with a gun rack and two different colored fenders. I spent four years in a halfway house in Dahlonega, Georgia, and I've had two kids with three different men. Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but I am no Donna Reed. That said, I still turn a lot of heads at the VFW.

BTW I like ruggers...a lot.