Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm Tired of Jordan Spieth Already.


Kurt said...

Hopefully you don't feel the same way about Justin Bieber! Probably the greatest artist of the 21st Century!

Trailer Trad said...


Jordan Spieth seems like a nice kid and is a hell of golfer. Its just that when smarmy Mr. 'Magic of Augusta' Jim Nance gets rolling about what a fine, wholesome young man he is (with piano playing the background), I found myself (almost) wanting to cheer for Tiger Woods.

However, when I saw Spieth's BRUTAL hairline at the award ceremony, I got back on the bandwagon.-There's something that I can relate to!


Robert said...

Are Justin Bienber and Jordan Spieth friends?

LuLu Bell said...

Did someone yell "FOREHEAD!"

Trailer Trad said...

Robert and Miss Bell,

Y'all really should have a glass of iced tea and recover from the intellectual rigor that y'all are putting yourselves through.