Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Trailer Trad Living: A New Dawn for Mothers Rugby

One thing about Mothers ruggers. They're kind of resilient. There have been some pretty dark days in the recent past for our favorite bunch of choir boys (really) on a certain 300 acres of beautiful, Olde Virginia real estate. However, rolling over was not in the game plan it appears. Instead it was learn, grow. Kick ass. Aud lang syne springs to mind when I think of this chapter of the UMW Mothers rugby club. Keep the game's great legacy of sportsmanship and comradery. At the same time, dispense with 'lad culture' foolishness common in rugby (and lacrosse and crew and...) in favor of new traditions while rewarding true manly behavior. The countless hours devoted to campus leadership and giving back to the community spring to mind.
It looks to be a dawn-bright spring. Let's start with the new top-notch field and official UMW Athletic Dept. affiliation. Even more exciting for me is the new Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby Conference beginning this fall. Aside from a few MD lacrosse schools, the Mothers will compete primarily against old D1 rivals like UVA, VA Tech, Maryland, and Georgetown. Plus James Madison, which has been a thorn at times in recent years. On top of that, the fast-paced game of 7s rugby will be heavily integrated into the mix. Can our Mothers compete?

Well, it's looking interesting. Some very high caliber players have always been pulled from regional ranks. But to bolster that, the club has extended its reach in recruiting with the help of The Leicester Tigers organization in the UK and the proof appears to be in the blood pudding, as it were. Practices may begin to sound like a scene from Downton Abbey before long! Here are some of the blue chip UK transfers debuting on Hanover Street this year.
And we can't forget Scotland.....