Friday, October 21, 2011

Victorian Estate Sale Finds

Now, THIS is what an estate sale should be like! I went to an estate sale located between Durham and Raleigh in a rapidly developing area near the interstate. This was one of those time-travel estate sales that keep me coming back. The stately old Victorian was a 'home place', as we say in The South. It looked pretty much as it looked in the 1950s, even the 1930s. The main floors were decorated the way your grandmother would have decorated if she were from a prominent family in the Old South. The attic was dark and spooky. -Just the way I like it!

I found this chintz fabric that must have in the living room many years ago. It's linen and is made up of muted, time-worn floral patterns. I think it's awesome and would be great when used to update a piece of furniture or even made into clothing.
I found these in the basement. They are wooden spools from long, long ago textile mills. I got the box for $3. Not bad.

Pardon me for not showing some of the main prizes pulled from this estate sale but I'm saving them for my upcoming vintage clothing post!

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