Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Few Fine (Pre) Fall Vintage Finds

I saw these beauties in a downtown thrift store and I knew that I had to save them. If you've never seen Doc Maarten dress shoes (which I hadn't), you'll be amazed at the quality. These are benchmade English footwear of the highest quality. -But where will I wear them? They look smashing with blue or gray seersucker... but we're heading into fall....I'll find an occasion!

I found this great jacket just the other day and, other than taking in a bit, it should look great come the First Weekend in November!
Like the leather suitcase? I picked it recently for ten dollars. a fresh coat of Angelis brown shoe polish and it  ready to accompany me and my Marley Hodgeson Ghurka bag on my autumnal travels. 
Alright, alright! I give up. I'm now on the skinny repp tie bandwagon (not for me, but in concept). However, these that I 've found recently are the real McCoy. -Vintage 1980's haberdashery from old school prep shops.

This English, handwoven skinny wool repp tie is better than any that you'd find on a 'hillside.'


Patrick Bateman said...

Nice...except your house must smell like old people.

Thurston said...

As I understand it Chipp invented patchwork madras -- a pretty important moment in history.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Bateman,

No, my house doesn't-though there's nothing wrong with that. I'm getting old myself.

But since you enquired, my house does have that bracing, after-a-spring-shower aroma of awesomeness. And I have a large house so that's a lot of awesomeness.

The Ghost of Felix Rohatyn said...

Why does Patrick Bateman sniff old people? I'm old and I don't want that freak anywhere near me - especially when I'm playing bingo or shuffleboard at the seniors' center.

Anyway...nice finds, Mr. Trad, you've done it again!

Pine Plains Weekender said...

If by "the first week of November" you mean the Montpelier races, might you make a hotel recommendation in the area?

Trailer Trad said...


Just good ol' New England traditional clothing. -Can't wait til fall!

Mr. Rohatyn,

At the senior center, don't you dare sit in the 'lucky' bingo seat.


I already told my super accomodation tip to P. Oncus Palustris. Whether he and Mrs. Palustris will take advantage, I don't know.

Pine Plains Weekender said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I need to find a place for my wife and two children - ages 2 and 4. It seems that there is nothing available south of Old Town. There may also be another couple joining us from NYC.

PSY said...

Love the shoes! Very "Oppa Gangnam Style."

Trailer Trad said...


I don't want to give away my great tip, so contact me at

By the way, your nickname would make a great line of Orvis weekend luggage.


You know you're getting old when the kids cite totally alien lingo.
Although, my daughter would recognize that as a 'K-Pop' (Korean Pop)reference.---I think?

P.O. Palustris said...

I think it's about time that you gave Pine Plains Weekender a hint on this secret lodging location!

Trailer Trad said...

Mssr. Palustris,

As you wish. Weekender, who's got the best, coolest cabins ever? Ever? -Not that far from the racing action, really.

Bucky Buford said...

Eljo is one of those high shops for the elites! Give me a Budweiser cap and overalls any day (no shirt needed)!

Bucky Buford

Beauregard "Bo" Buford said...

Don't let Bucky's populist yammering fool you into thinking he's part of the 47%! He made it big in pork bellies a few years ago with his Crozet-based hedge fund.

WBOmaha said...

Hell, I just saw Bucky at the Bohemian Grove!

Bucky Buord said...

Dear cousin Beauregard

Me and the misses, cousin Shiflett, send our regards.
We is waiting for our income redistribution check. Can we borrow some money to pay the trailer park rental space?


Hank "Big Slim" Buford said...

Heck, Bo, the only "hedge fund" in Crozet is when people save up their money to get their lawns mowed. Everyone knows Bucky made his fortune from his settlement with the West Virginia Department of Corrections. What they did to that boy just ain't right.

Anonymous said...

Does this blog have a big following among Korean rappers?

Felix said...

Is the secret location for accommodations the Red Roof Inn?

Trailer Trad said...

Warren.. warren…warren. How many times have I told you that THERE IS NO EVENT CALLED ‘BOHEMIAN GROVE!’ –Berkshire’s shares must have you up too many nights. Maybe you are thinking of ‘National Bohemian Park at Camden Yards’, which is what I have proposed to the Baltimore Orioles as a replacement for the name present ‘Camden Yards.’