Friday, January 1, 2016

Trailer Trad Attire: Kamik Boots Made in Canada

I'm in the market for COLD weather boots and I've discovered a brand of boot that I may go with. Although I've still got my calf-height Bean boots from many years ago, they're not insulated.

These could be the ticket. Kamik boots are a 100 year old family owned company based in Canada. They are practical for outdoors but would also look good slogging to the office or apres ski. The models range from around $60 to around $150. The duckboot shown above is their Albourg model and the ones below are their Helsinki and Fargo models.

Kamik also manufactures a cool line of women's and kid's boots. They have a line of 'Hunter style' boots that are priced much lower than their British cousins and they make tons of apres ski snow boots, etc. 

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JC said...

My Kamik's are very comfortable - can you make a video and model with some witty commentary then like they do on Zappos?