Monday, January 30, 2012

What You May Eat When You Don't Insist On Only Purchasing Wholesome, Nutritious, AMERICAN Seafood

Source: U.S.Dept. of Commerce, NOAA


Bucky Buford said...

Hey, Mr. Trad

Cooking for the Missus and sprout?

Trailer Trad said...

If I were going to, I'd steer away from that $2 a pound farm raised Tilapia. It could have been pulled straight from the Huang He River. And, as everyone knows, that river's yellow color is from the paint used on Spongebob Square Pants toys.

Bucky Buford said...

Ahhhh, the Yellow scare. The only yellow scare in the US is that China is more capitalistic than the US under Obama.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Buford,

Clever rhetorical ploy, Sir. The Huang He is also known as The Yellow River. -Thus the 'yellow' tie-in.

You're the one bringing in political baggage, not me.

But you bring up an interesting point. If you'd like to ghost write the next Trailer Trad Tory Tales, I'd be honored!