Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Capital Beginning to the New Year

I began 2012 off right with a trip into The Nation's Capital on New Year's Day with Lil' Bean. As I was trying to navigate around all of the traffic circles, road closings and pedestrians, I pointed out various familiar spots in the city. There was Foggy Bottom where my college buddy and I started out our careers in an adburdly small row house. I pointed out where I used to work diligently as a young economist, putting out vital economic statistics every month. And I pointed out the spots in Georgetown (those few that are left like The Tombs,  The Sign of the Whale  and The Third Edition) that we used to retire to for a much deserved cocktail. She yawned and returned her gaze to her Nintendo DS, as you would expect a 13 year old to do.

Not surprisingly, I found a few cars in Georgetown that I'd like to own. I love the Toyota FJ Cruiser, preferably in Scuba Yellow with black wheels and full towing/sport kit. It's one of the only new cars under $50k that I really covet. I told a friend about this and his reply was "Your Daughter's been making you watch too much Japanese Anime." Given what I've come to discover about that nation's superior sense of style and design, I'll take that as a compliment. -Great old gems like this classic, restored Fiat, I always covet.

I'm old enough to remember when the area around the New York Ave. Greyhound Bus Station practically all the way to The White House was pretty gritty, indeed. That entire area is totally changed now but this art deco masterpiece thankfully is still around.
When you see the Capital Building on TV, you don't realize how massive it is. The small nature of most politicians also diminish it, unfortunately.

If you've never been to Washington, DC, I recommend that you make the trip because the city really is a wealth of culture and interesting people to see. -Much of is free which makes it, you guessed it, trailer trad!


Anonymous said...

I take exception you reference to the term lil Bean. I believe the proper reference would be bean sprout

Anonymous said...

Your friend was right about that car. Looks like it came from Speed Racer!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese "superior sense of style and design" may apply in the realm of electronics (though Apple has eclipsed them for the most part) and eyeglasses, but autos.....? Last time I checked Honda and Toyota were hardly cutting edge in the design realm.... this truck appears to be some serious attempt to overcompensate for auto design that has otherwise completely boring since the advent of the Japanese car industry....

Anonymous said...

Can you give me a quote on a 1978 doublewide? By the way, your blog title somehow lost an "r." You might want to fix that....

Trailer Trad said...

Anon. 7:37,

Trixie loves it so don't hate, Chim-chim.

Anon. 1:01,

You're just bitter because they make the Land Rover, Cadillac Escalade or whatever Soccer Mom vehicle you drive, look lame.

Anon. 1:31,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell readers that Google put out some Blogger 'improvements' without telling anyone. Turns out they made more than a few blogs freeze up and do other weird things. -I fixed it and I'm glad to be back.

Anonymous said...

What, no 1500 Mass Ave, Black Rooster, Flaps? Did you show her Camelot?

Trailer Trad said...

I pointed out 1500 Mass. Ave NW but there was a cockroach on the apartment building roof and it was swatting at airplanes so we didn't stop.

Black Rooster.... Gone
Flaps Rickenbacher....Gone
Camelot.... Camelot? Never heard of it.