Saturday, November 3, 2012

They're Smarter Than You and Me

Before hitting the Pullen Park tennis courts, I did one of my favorite things and went across the street to the NCSU College of Design to look through all of the great resources that are available. New and old periodicals and books having to do with everything from publishing to architecture to furniture design line the shelves. Cool, hard-to-find magazines and newspapers also beckon readers.  
It was a nice surprise to find that it was open house weekend where student projects were displayed along the hallways and entry atrium to prospective students to look at. I left feeling very impressed.
In fact, I felt more than impressed with what these kids were able to produce. In terms of feelings, I scored the trifecta. The projects on display made me feel:
1. Old
2. Dumb and
3. Woefully out of date, technologically
I'm sure that you'll feel the same way.


Russian Trader said...

How much for space car?

Red State Blues said...

I'm so depressed about the election that I feel like a jellyfish...

Beaver & Otter Lodge Master said...

At least our hearty endorsement of Rommeny carried some weight in North Carolina. You were obviously ahead of the curve in departing the Old Dominion for a Red State!

OTTR said...

The Organization of Trailer Trad Readers (OTTR) is wondering when you will be making a trip to New York City.

Trailer Trad said...

Russian Trader,

Kind of resembles a Fiat Spyder with rotted out floor boards and no working wind shield wipers, doesn't it?

Red State Blues,

I've had a strange feeling of resignation all day myself.

Lodge Master,

The Old North State really didn't let me down. -One of the few states that didn't.


"OTTR" - nice. I'm putting on my Snake Plissken eye patch and will be heading up to NY soon.

Earl said...

Jim Dandy said he would meet you at the airport. Look for the gold '72 Cadillac convertible.

Anonymous said...

Spoke too soon. Turns out Jim Dandy is going up the river for a few months. Look for Bucky Buford to pick you up in an '85 blue Thunderbird.

Beaver and Otter Deputy Lodge Master said...

What do the constitution and bylaws say regarding a quorum?

Trailer Trad said...


Good question. Normally five members constitute a quorum. However, there is an exception. Jim Dandy counts as five members so, if he wished, he could hold meetings and push forward agendas with only himself present. In other words-

Jim Dandy IS a quorum.

Anonymous said...

Jim Dandy sounds a lot like Chuck Norris.