Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Junking Finds

Good ol' tin signs from the 1950s are just getting rarer and rarer. That's why I jumped on this nice clean sign that advertised cotton twine. From what I gather, this twine was popular with tobacco farmers who tied off dried tobacco with it. The Oakdale mill was one of those ancient Southern textile concerns that were so important to small-town Tarheels back in the day. The mill closed down relatively recently and this was one of a group available for sale. - I bought two but I really should have bought them all.
As you know, I like old oars but most are in kind of uninteresting shades of gray or brown. These two aquisitions have great color; one weathered white and the other a rare blue/red combination with just the right amount of weathering.
I really like old printing blocks and this sailor one is quite large and unusual.
How cool would this US-made Tonka have been back in the 1970s? Complete with CB antennae, pin striping and sun roof, this would have been perfect for the old full-size GI Joe to use when taking Barbi around the town when on home on leave.
Even though old restaurant silverware is often inexpensive to buy, I think that they are cool little collectibles that you can really use! I have no idea what kind of restaurant Profile House was but I bet that I'd like it!
I found this sweet little photograph at the flea market and picked it up for a dollar.
I love anything tennis related and this British publication from 1964 has a lot including hall of famer Billie Jean King with great period advertising. 


Joe Bob Cubbage said...

Wait just a minute,,,,GI Joe went out with Barbie...?

Burt Cubbage said...

That Billie Jean was one hot mama!