Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trailer Trad Attire: The Postage Stamp

When is less more? How about when labels didn't need to include a laundry list of washing instructions or a geography lesson instead of 'Made in The US.' I distinctly remember back in the Late 1980s, early 1990s fretting about the state of Brooks Brothers buttondowns with friends. I liked the old postage stamp buttondowns!

By 'postage stamp,' I'm referring to the old pre-1990s Brooks Brothers button down labels. The old ones were small, square and basically just stated that it was made in the US and not to wash them with bleach. That's it."It's just the not same, we'd lament."
And they weren't. Don't get me wrong. Later Brooks Brothers shirts weren't junk then and they're not junk now. However, we complained because they were not the same as before! The roll of the collar. The dense, tightly woven oxford cloth fabric. -Seriously, have you felt ANY shirt, at any price that duplicates the weave that yielded that collar roll? I hope that there is a dusty, dark abandoned textile mill decaying in some small, forgotten Southern Gothic village that contains a few of these oxford cloth weaving machines and that it will be discovered. Until then, grab these 'postage stamp' button downs when you see them at thrift stores or on line. They ain't coming back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful shirts.