Sunday, November 11, 2012

Woodcut Library Stamps from the 1930s

Recently, I came upon an old, forgotten volume (my favorite kind) that described the wood cut printing process as it was in the 1930s. It mainly showcased examples that were used as library stamps. Back then, books were more highly prized and rare. Those with bunches of books had 'libraries.' Those with the money sometimes had beautiful woodcut stamps made to forever imprint their ownership upon their volumes. I love'em. -Note the Robert Frost stamp!


X. Dilettante said...

Do you still have my copy of "Drunk & Disorderly: The Hamlet Files?" I seem to recall that you borrowed it around 1988 or so.

Fred said...

These are really cool. I like Trailer Trad.

Hank said...

That Jaffe fellow owes me money. Drove him to New Orleans once, and he'd swore he'd split the gas. Left me stranded in the French Quarter with nothing but a half pack of Lucky's, a warm coke, and a 73 Dodge Dart that was bone dry. Guess I shouldn't complain too much, though, that's where I met Mildred...and Bucky...and Jim Dandy.

Mildred said...

Those were good times, Hank, too bad we didn't have one of those fancy striped wool blankets ;)

Jeb said...

Hey Mildred and Bucky -- you guys cooking a Turduken again this year for Thanksgiving?

Trailer Trad said...

Mssr. Dilettante,

Yes, I did borrow it. The resolution's a little fuzzy since it is in VHS, which is still my preferred viewing platform.


Thanks. Welcome aboard.


Are you sure that you're not mistakenly recounting some chapter in Kerouac's 'On the Road'?


You are incorrigable. Welcome back.

Jeb, Mildred and Bucky,

Remember, SLOWLY lower the turducken into the turkey fryer to prevent igniting the back deck.

Earl Buford said...

Where is Bucky anyways?

Doug Bradford said...

Not "On the Road," but a book entitled "On the Lam" was in fact penned by Jim Dandy. The book documented the travels (and travails) of Jim, along with Bucky Buford and Mildred in a 1983 blue Ford Thunderbird.

"Mutt" Dandy said...

We should put a cornish game hen inside of the chicken this year!