Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trailer Trad Attire: Wrecked Jeans, Brass Buttons and Other November Vintage Finds

Blown out. Yeah, these jeans that I picked are beat-to-hell, but then again, so am I. So, why not?
I found these nice brass buttons and had them put on my Hickey Freeman Cashmere blazer recently. The blazer fits perfectly. -Ship Shape! I know what you're going to comment so I'll save you the trouble. "Where'd you come from, a SCOTCH ad?"

With these jaunty wool socks, I'll out Elmer Fudd even the most Woolrichiest, Filsonist Brooklyn hipster!

At the same estate sale where I found the socks, I found this great, soft loden wool trilby hat.

I came across a few of these 1950s Swedish military wool sweaters recently and thought that they were cool enough to purchase.  They are as warm as the now legendary Swedish Navy wool knee socks!


Brooklyn Hipster said...

When are you coming to visit? Have a couple of growlers with your name on them.

Bucky said...

Bucky says Visit NYC!

Anonymous said...

Beware the Brooklyn Brooks Brother hipster!

Earl Buford said...

Hell, I'll bet Bucky would whip up a batch of moonshine if you were to visit the BK!