Monday, December 30, 2013

Trailer Trad Attire: Fall Finds 2013

Has the corduroy craze come and gone? Has it come? Has it gone? Didn't notice. I don't really like corduroy, especially jackets. However, this vintage one had the little extras that I couldn't pass up. First, even though I'd guess that it is forty years old, the corduroy fabric is that ultra soft, thick kind that you can't find anymore. The lining is also very soft, made of satin or silk and the pockets have piping trim that is a nice little touch. It also fits me very well. -Nice with my old beat-up jeans.

A couple of new wardrobe workhorses, these H&K (that's Hilditch & Key of Jermin Street, London ) shirts fit great and have been in heavy rotation lately.
I never pass up old, vintage khakis in good shape with no stains and these are pretty good. This Korean War button-fly veteran fits well in the waist but are a little too short. Maybe let them down?
A really nice militaria dealer sold them (gave them away really when I bought this super WWII pennant with quite a history. It came off of the Iowa class battleship the USS Wisconsin. Because it came from this guy, I believe the story. It's hanging in the 'doghouse' (my living room) looking great in a place of honor.
These sky blue training shirts are all cotton and made in France. And they're cheap as sh*t. I love' em to run in or for off-season tennis practice. They're kind of unusual in that they have actual buttons on the sleeves so that they can be rolled up like a dress shirt!

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