Monday, December 9, 2013

Trailer Trad Attire: Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts can be grunge. Flannel shirts can be preppy. The way that they can be simultaneously both makes them trailer trad. Of course, there are flannel shirts and then there are flannel shirts.
Filson made the finest flannel shirt that you could buy ("Might as well have the best" is the company slogan). -Do they still or have they sold out and gone to sh*t? Great American brands get taken over and trashed so quickly now-a-days that I can't keep up.
The good news is there is a vintage brand that is pretty unknown I believe so you should be able to pick them up at vintage stores or ebay cheaply. The brand is Frost Proof. Made in the US (of course), these were made during the middle of the last century and were often available at farm supply stores and the like where they were sold to guys who needed a tough, warm shirt.

Like Brooks Brothers buttondowns and old Levi's, the quality of the fabric is the main reason why I consider Frost Proof flannel shirts classics. These are almost blanket thickness but yet remain ultra comfortable. The last time I was home, I absconded an old one my dad used to carry in firewood thirty years ago. -Still right as rain.


Anonymous said...

Mr Trad

Are you now moving to Seattle to finally join the grunge movement?


Willy the Groundskeeper said...

I believe I spy a Stuart, a Dunbar, a MacDonald and even a Farquaharson tartan in this mix there, lad. Do ya have any kilts to match these shirts?

Bucky said...

Mr Trad

Are you sure you have the legs for a kilt?