Sunday, December 1, 2013

Under the Din of a Dying (Reborn) Marquee

My hometown now boasts two beautiful downtown theaters. One is a tastefully designed  modern multiplex that blends nicely with its Main Street surroundings. The other is the newly restored State Theater. The theater sat neglected for twenty years and I assumed that it's best days were behind it.
Turns out the beautiful marquee (1950s enameled steel with neon lighting and many, many little light bulbs) was kept safely in storage for many years. Recently, it was shipped out west where it was professionally restored. Supposedly the refurbishing was really, really expensive. It looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it at night but I'll bet that it is stunning.

Editor's note: I tried to find a playable version of City Breathing's "Under the Din of a Dying Marquee" but couldn't find one. Check it out on Spotify.

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Jeb said...

Is "Despicable Me 2" playing there? Man, I can't get enough of them minions!