Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trailer Trad Grooming: Pinaud Clubman Au De Quinine Hair Tonic

I was recently in the barber supply isle shopping for Clubman talcum powder (good stuff) when I decided to sample some of the other Pinaud Clubman items sold there. Pinaud Clubman Au De Quinine Hair Tonic looked interesting and kind of mysterious. Why was it the color of port sherry? Does it have quinine in it? If it does, will it make you smell like tonic water? If so, can you make G n' Ts with it? Why does it have inscribed across the label "for professional use only?" Does that mean that I should rubber gloves when handling it?
I took a flyer on it and bought it thinking that it was cologne. It turns out that it is hair tonic. -I'm using hair tonic! Fogey alert. However, I will continue to use it because I love the way that it smells. Kind of peppery like sandlewood with perhaps a tiny bit of tobacco scent. In fact, I like it much better than my everyday aftershave Royall Spyce. I've found that none of the Pinaud Clubman colognes have that soapy, chemical smell that some fairly pricey ones have. -Maybe Clubman is so cheap that they can't afford to put whatever that chemical is into what they produce!

Where can you buy Pinaud Clubman Au De Quinine Hair Tonic ? How about that cool place that I profiled previously? Fore Club Supply has a good price on it. By the way, they've begun stocking cans of Clubman shave creme that look interesting...

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