Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers Day 2013!

Happy Fathers Day 2013!

I thought that I'd repost a birthday greeting and share my Fathers Day gift that I received early. My daughter has had to adjust to highschool and, as is common for kids that age, doesn't seem to have much time for Dad during her busy days. However, she needed a ride to meet a friend at the movies and wanted me to leave work in the middle of day to take her. I agreed (of course). The movie was The Great Gatsby which she had already seen. However, she really wanted to see it with her friend Lauren who she had walked around downtown shopping with the day earlier. As I pulled up to the North Hills Regency theater, I notice a young lady wearing shades and holding a cane outside of  the theater. It was Lauren. -Happy Father's Day to me!

Ouch, I'm shedding a tear because I just hit my thumb with a hammer. How I did that without holding a hammer, I'll never know.

From April 2011,

I thought that I'd make a change and do something unexpected. Instead of talking about some dusty antique that I'd found or great prep clothing that I'd scored, I would briefly brag on my daughter. She's very special and her Mom and I wish her all of the happiness that life can provide.
She's not so little anymore and probably will roll her eyes at this. After which, she will resume playing Nancy Drew video games or watching the Japanese anime cartoons that she is so fond of.

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P.O. Palustris said...

Great post. Have a good Father's Day.