Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Junk 2012

While other people escaped to Wrightsville Beach or to cool(er) Blowing Rock or Bath in the mountains, I sweltered in Raleigh this summer while digging around for fresh junking treasures.

These 1950s signs advertising tourist trinkets bring back a lot of childhood vacation memories. -Pretty rare to find a complete set, I thought.
I have a couple of Atlantic service station signs from the 1940s/50s so I thought that this would make a good addition. Orange and blue is my favorite color combination (no, I'm not an especially big UVA fan even though my hometown is near Charlottesville). 'White Flash' was one of Atlantic's popular fuel formulations and had been around since the 1920s.
This very groovy chair looks like a prop from Space: 1999 and probably had it's share of Tang spilled on it back in the day. -Quickly wiped away spotless by Mrs. Brady, I'm sure.
Slap this 1940s lumber mill smock on and you'll instantly be able to fix your leaky tub and update your kitchen. By yourself.
This groovy little cocktail table is just swank. Pure and simple.
Although these rusty industrial artifacts resemble old milk cans, they are actually fuel cans from the 1920's. They sat in an Ohio barn for decades until they were brought to Raleigh by the original owner's grandaughter when she relocated her family to The Old North State.


Hjálmar said...

Have you considered starting an Icelandic version of this site?

Trailer Trad said...


Believe or not, I've been asked that before and my terms for starting an Icelandic Trailer Trad blog haven't changed. I'd like a suite in Reykjavík with a fireplace and a polar bear rug along with a great sound system playing Sigur Rós and Björk on a continuous loop.