Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Domestic Medical Practice

I picked up a rather large old volume from some guys that were liquidating the contents of a book hoarders house. Supposedly, this guy bought up tons of old books to the point that books totally filled the rooms and hallways, allowing only a two foot wide passageway to get through the house. I heard a guy comment to these guys "His house was filled floor to ceiling with books? -He must have been REALLY smart!" To which the good ol' boy estate liquidator, who looked like a Lynrd Skynrd roadie, just shrugged and replied something like "I reckon."
Those two words succinctly conveyed two opinions. Opinion 1: Anyone who would fill his home with old books* to the point that they could crush someone under their weight is not really THAT smart. Opinion 2: The book hoarder was probably smarter than someone who thought that hoarding books made someone smart.
*As I wrote this sentence, BBC6 played Belle & Sabastian's 'Wrapped Up In Books.'- Nice coincidence, I thought.

I don't know books at all but I thought that this one was pretty cool. Although it's copyrighted 1920, most of the contents date from WWI. Most of the illustrations are WWI era with fine quality stone lithography color prints. Most of the physical fitness photos look turn-of-the-century too.
I love these. Notice the sporty gear but the most interesting thing, I think, is how TINY these athletes are. They really resemble hobbits! Look at their tiny feet!


Billy Joel. Fourth Track. Fourth Album. said...

Hmmm, Image No. 5 (Reducing Abdomen) is kind of interesting because, in the 1920s, that photo may have been considered borderline pornography had in not been in a medical text. The subject, however, is decidedly not a looker.

But the last image is even more intriguing. At first glance, I thought it was the Three Stooges...or a pic from Dog Island after the last bottle of Virginia Gentleman had gone dry. As it turns out, it's just some chaps demonstrating Baden-Powell era First Aid - poorly.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Jim Dandy has a dessert named after him at Friendly's?

Who knew?

Nobu Ashtakari said...

I've had a pain in my right humerus. Could you check your book and see what that might be.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Album,

You're not related to famous author Mitch Album, are you?

Concerning the last picture, it does resemble old pictures of Dog Island canoe trips. -You know, the ones where I'm portaging the river carrying the canoe and certain,unnamed lightweights on my shoulders.

Anon 11:25,

Yes, I am aware of that. The Jim Dandy was developed by Friendlys as the manly alternative to the Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity.

Mr. Ashtakari,

As a person who owns a large medical book, I feel that I have the credentials to diagnose your humerus issue.

I am afraid that you are developing a rapidly growing sense of humor and the only cure is to read 50 Shades of Gray, cover to cover.

Scotch Man said...

Virginia Gentleman? Not sure who the denizens of Dog Island are, but they have very bad taste in booze!

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Trad, as a learned man who "owns a large medical book," might you advise when this burning sensation will cease? I have an "inflamed condition" similar to the one in the photo, but it is not the result of a vaccination. Witch-hazel no longer helps. Jim Dandy should consider seeking some medical attention as well.

BTW, I just bought the most beautiful antique leather sugar box. It's not Hermes, but the clasp is comprised of interlocking bits. Gorgeous.

Stonewall Jackson said...

Some of these posts are pretty peculiar, and I assume the continuation of running inside jokes, but I have a serious inquiry: Does anyone know where I can procure a vintage Congressional Medal of Honor? Now that SCOTUS has repealed the Stolen Valor Act, I might just start wearing that thing with a blue blazer and khakis. It'll probably look sharp against a crisp white polo. A real conversation piece, I'd imagine.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Jackson,

Please keep in mind that, although you might consider my posts peculiar, many consider them quite odd and useless.

Stonewall, I’m giving you a yellow card for bringing up serious, political topics here. I try to keep it light (by 'light', I mean obscure inside jokes and other unfunny nonsense).

However, I occasionally dabble so let me throw out one little nugget. When Constitutional liberties are at stake, keep your eyes on the ball. While it's ridiculous that anyone would pretend to be a war hero, is it an accident that such an outrageous example is used for the purpose of potentially establishing Constitution-altering precedent? I don't think so.

Stonewall Jackson said...

First, Mr. Trad, let me just say that I'm glad you knew I was being, well, facetious.

Second, if I see anyone wearing a CMH (or any other military decoration) that they didn't earn, my Second Amendment rights may come into play and it won't just be those New Market boys buried at VMI.

I will, from here out, refrain from any serious poitical discussion.

That is all.