Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Is Not A Contest

This is not a contest. It's just that I have a few British magazines that I'm looking to get rid of. Since they are back issues, they really have no value. None at all. Who will help me out?

One of these is a very famous British sporting magazine with its (in)famous calendar still in its plastic. I wrote about it recently. Maybe this will jog your memory.
The second is a special issue of a famous British Indie rock magazine. The issue is amazing if you're a fan of British Indie from the past 25 years. The issue contains great articles on The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis along with many others like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Super Furry Animals and many others. -Really great reading.

The last mag is a special commemorative issue featuring the best of beautiful, wooden BRITISH SEA POWER (the group by that name is, of course, in the Indie rock mag that I discussed previously). Still in its plastic wrapper, it's a super read for the skipper or wannabee skipper.

So, if you want this Anglophile stash, email me at boathousevintage@aol.com and the nonwinner will take these off my hands. I'll gladly pick up the tab knowing that they are going to a good home. Friends of Trailer Trad are nonelligible nonwinners. This rule is not due to any sense of fairness. It's just that friends of Trailer Trad can't read. -Not well, anyway.


Nigel Boddington VII said...

Cheeky bastard.

Anonymous said...

Wrote about? who the hell was reading, i was hung up on the pics!

P. Onca Palustris said...

I resent you're comint that Trailr Trad freinds isn't good reeders.

John Blutarsky said...


Nothin like an OUTSTANDING departing view

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Boddington VII,

"Cheeky Bastard"? I'm a little stung from being called cheeky.

Mr. Pulustris,

I don't use spellcheck either.

Mr. Blutarsky,

Don't you have any RESPECT for YOURSELF? - Greg Marmalard