Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Fishing Finds Fresh from The Dock!

I love coming across some fresh, old junk and I came across some decent fishing collectibles in a garage this past weekend. Not worldbeaters, not by a long shot. Just some decent stuff that occupied a gentleman's tackleboxes since the 1940s.
Normally, you have be on the scene EARLY in the morning if you want to beat the duck decoy/fishing lure collectors to the punch. These guys often are often avid hunters and fishermen and are totally into being the early bird, up before the break of dawn to get their prize.

The estate had some nice 'guy' stuff like nice fly rods in their original cases and old engineering levels in their original oak boxes. Unfortunately, that stuff was all north of a 'benjamin', so I let all that stuff be. I am a bottom feeder so I gobbled up the cheap stuff.
Notice the Wisconsin Fishing Laws, 1944 booklet. That's actually pretty good, although it has some 'foxing' (mold spotting). I've sold collectible lures at auction for over $100 each and, unfortunately, there were none of these in this lot. Any good wooden lure or bobber is worth having as is a spoon in its original box with papers. -Believe it or not, those white bobbers are probably worth what I paid for both boxes.

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