Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Inside The Beltline In Olde Raleigh

One of the benefits of working where I do is the ability to go for a walk in the surrounding neighborhood. On a nice spring day recently, I decided to snap some pictures.
Walking down quiet, leafy streets it would be easy to assume that this neighborhood was a commuter town; lived in by tony commuters who jump on the morning train for their daily hour ride. Nope. You could walk downtown in ten minutes from this neighborhood in Raleigh.
Raleigh is kind of a 'Government and Gown' town and thus may not have wealthy neighborhoods comparable to Myers Park in Charlotte, for example. -But, as you can see, we're not that shabby either...
Members only... A certain fraternal organization with a colorful, legendary history has a wonderful, field stone meeting place near my office. No shadowy conspiracies hatched there. No good ol' boy puppet masters ruling over the town while conducting Byzantine rituals in costume. Nope.


tintin said...

There's something about red brick and pine trees I always liked. Maybe that's just a Southern thing. Nice shots.

Trailer Trad said...

Thanks very much and best of luck with the upcoming book release!