Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Few More Cold Weather Finds Before Springtime

Sometimes it seems like one finds good vintage duds at the wrong time, especially winter weather gear. I think that this is because when people choose to donate their clothes to thrift stores. There is a big rush to get donations in before the December 31 deadline for tax deductions for charitable giving. Throw in a few weeks for picking through the stuff, pricing it and getting it out on the floor. All of the sudden, it's almost springtime down here in Raleigh. On a warm day recently, as I was placing my woolen finds on the Junior League thrift shop counter, the volunteer said "expecting cold weather, eh?" "Ya gotta grab it when you see it," I said as I hauled away my score. The point is, for most of this stuff, they don't make it like they used to and snag it when you see it.

How long has it been since you've seen a true Fair Isle sweater, handknit and made in Scotland? The colors are outstanding and it is really comfortable.
I came across a number of pairs of these mittens and they are pretty nice. They date from around WWII and were made in Sweden. The color, feel and even the smell of the leather is like they were just made yesterday. Would make great cycling or shooting gloves.

These ties are not brand new finds to my collection but I did find this old oak publications rack (it would be a 'magazine rack' if it was found in a house) from a library. -Makes a perfect tie display piece, I must say. These are all 70's/Early 80's  wide ties in silk or wool Challis.
This little shoulder bag is the Swiss Army Knife of bags. Use it as a shell bag when hunting. It has many D-rings for clipping to a bike or other vehicle to hold tools or emergency supplies. Or just use it as a proper water-resistant, tough-as-nails shaving kit.

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