Friday, February 18, 2011

Trailer Trad North Carolina: Raleigh's Mecca Restaurant

You wouldn't expect to find a gem of a restaurant like Mecca in Downtown Raleigh. But there it is, largely unchanged since the 1930s. Solid service and good food provided by the same family ownership should help to insure that this landmark place will be around for years to come.

Mecca Restaurant has been a fixture in downtown Raleigh since Nicholas Dombalis started the business 1930 and has been in its present location on Martin Street since 1935. It remains strikingly unchanged. There is a framed portrait of F.D.R. hung next to the stove exhaust hood that has, undoubtedly, been there since The New Deal. The menu has carried on largely unchanged since the 50's as has some of the staff-often Dombalis family members. Mecca is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the fact that the food really is good is a bonus.

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