Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trailer Trad Living: I Bought A Bike!

I'm going to ride around town on a HUGE IRON TRICYCLE!
For those who follow Trailer Trad, I'm sure that this is the type of ride that you'd expect me to buy. -Nice folk art but not very practical for use as a commuter ride.
Again, a nice crusty ol' gent of a bike. But not something practical to ride around Raleigh on. -Afterall, the most classic of all TRAD (American, anyway) bicycles is named after my town!
Here it is. I bought it 'Trailer Trad Style' meaning used, rusty and dusty. -And cheap. I paid more for the new rear tire and innertube than I paid for the whole bike.
I must say that it cleans up pretty darned nice! Solid construction and Shimano innards make me feel pretty good about the purchase. I lashed down a vintage Swiss Army rucksack onto the back for a makeshift pannier. -I say that the burgundy paint job and the green rucksack look pretty solid together.

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