Monday, February 14, 2011

Trailer Trad Attire: Can A Pair of Pajamas Make A Man Cry?

Get a load of these remarkable pajamas. On my picking travels, I came across a few pair the other day. These are no ordinary PJs. New, unworn old stock, they were made in England by a firm named W.M. & Co. in 1955. I'm not really a Pajamas Guy. -Too confining and hot for me. For example, I bought a great pair of Swiss PJs and, although they are very nice, I never got into the habit of wearing them. I have worn my new 1955 English pair every night. What's just as amazing is their condition. Soft and perfect as the day that they were made in that English workroom, they feel absolutely amazing on. Their mattress-ticking pattern is about perfect too. Plus, they fit and I'm not a small guy.

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