Monday, February 14, 2011

Trailer Trad Collecting: Winter Picking

These Mid-Century beauties were designed by the Norwegian designer Eero Saarinen for Knoll and won a MOMA award for industrial design in 1969. They have their originial 'IBM Blue' tufted fabric and probably came from IBM's Raleigh corporate offices. Whereas the Knoll Executive chairs tell of North Carolina's high tech recent history, this tobacco drying basket richly illustrates its agricultural past. In wonderful condition, the basket held curing tobacco leaves that were eventually traded in the bustling tobacco trading town of Rocky Mount. The basket has its super original blue paint and stenciling from the 1950s or perhaps earlier.

This set of arm chairs is not everyone's cup of tea but they are probably great investments. Manufactured by the French firm Thonet in the late 70's or early 80's, these chairs are deceptively valuable. Famed for their expertise in 'steam-bending' hardwoods, Thonet made these Oak chairs with great lines while being very light, yet sturdy. These are just some nice framed prints made around 1970 for sale in Aspen Co.
I found this Flexy Racer at an estate sale a couple of months ago. I cleaned it up a little bit and liked how it turned out. Most guys remember Flexible Flyer sleds but how many of you remember these gnarly contraptions? -If you rode one, you probably don't remember much because bumps and bruises assuredly came with this ride. -Probably wouldn't make a 'A Safe Toy for Kids' list today!
This is a really cool chair. With its turned walnut arms with immaculate black upholstery, it looks and sits great. I picked up this nice quilt at an estate sale this past weekend. Made in the 1940s in Duplin County NC, it boasts great colors and vintage fabrics along with pretty good quilting technique. The color of the 'field' is a nice maize yellow with plenty of blues and other nice colors used in the squares. I think that I am going to be brave and try to clean this one myself by running it through the delicate cycle with some mild detergent and then air-drying it on a clothesline. Should turn out pretty good.Everyone loves the old-time steel lawn chairs from when they were kids. These were a pretty sound pair that I was able to buy 'right' at a yard sale. They are from the 1950s or earlier and would be comfortable to sit in with an ice cold glass of lemonade!

I picked up this little table made out of spools at the flea market. Considered folk art, spool tables and spool shelves illustrate how people used to recycle things to reuse or, perhaps, to sell. I thought that this table had character due to its original black paint and circa 1900 thread spools.

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