Monday, November 18, 2013

Steeple Chase Weekend: "Where DID You Get Those Country Ham Biscuits?"

While the country ham came from a very fine source Calhoun's (although everybody calls Calhoun's Tom's Meat Market), the ONLY place to get bisuits on which to place succulent, salty country ham is from the time-honored establishment below. I entered through the alley entrance and took a tour. Care to join me?
The huge, beautiful porcelain gas oven is from the 1930s and was surely an old-timer back in the 1950s when families formed long lines here for Easter hot-cross buns, Sunday picnic biscuits and wedding cakes. There are only three of these in existence.
 'Steam-punk' baking!
This might look a little messy but, trust me, the very best bakers and chefs would love to have a kitchen with such a palpable air of history.

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