Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Steeple Chase Weekend: Montpelier Races 2013

I had a terrific time on the first Saturday in November at the Montpelier Races. It was held at the historic home of James and Dolly Madison in Orange County as it has been since the 1930s at least. The weather was glorious, the Virginia hardwoods were on fire with color and it was great to see family and friends for a time honored annual ritual. I actually, through some miracle, won a wager placed on one of the races (I picked the horse with the word 'awesome' in the name). I think its safe to say that everyone was a winner that afternoon.  
Blue Boy strikes again! I pulled an old favorite tie out of the closet to hit just the right note. People looked at the big bluish blobs on my club tie and asked "What ARE those?" expecting some equestrian motif appropriate for the Races. "It's Rembrandt's Blue Boy, of course." -A little confusion never hurt anyone.





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