Saturday, November 9, 2013

Steeple Chase Weekend: The Farm House Homebase for the Weekend

My trip to Virginia from Raleigh was very pleasant indeed. Good friends made excellent arrangements for the weekend. For our home base, they found a nice farmhouse in the middle of  a working farm complete with horses. It was very lovely and quiet and not far from my mom's childhood home in Somerset.
It actually was quite close to the Montpelier Races themselves but, through my 'locals' mastery of the countryside, I managed to steer them way out of the way on our drive there. Oh well, no one was rushing and the scenery was perfect. Plus, the Mennonite market Yoder's provided us with great tailgate contributions (a FIVE POUND apple cake and a pumpkin roll cake) that were graciously accepted by the hostess.
 This was the main house while we stayed down the hill in a little 19th century farm house that was perfect for the task.
 Sunny, perfect afternoons started out on the chilly side that were perfect for morning strolls with the dog.
 Is it me, or does Virginia STILL do classic, hunt country style better than North Carolina? Or anywhere else? Hand-me-down furnishings and second-hand books made for comfortable, familiar surroundings.

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