Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Euro Pop Courtesy of Dieter and His Monkey

The Mary Onettes (Sweden)

M83 (France)
DJ Martin Solveig (France)The Raveonettes (Denmark)
The Rakes (England)

Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) England


Dieter said...

Dance, Sprockets, Dance.

Eustace Buford said...

You ain't gonna bring any of this "music" to the campout, are you? Also hop that fellow in the black turtleneck with the monkey ain't coming either.

Trailer Trad said...


Yes, I've invited Dieter and will play two songs from his favorite group, Germany's Kraftwerk. The songs are 'Computer Love' and 'Autobahn.'

As these songs are played, we will dance the Sprockets Dance around the camp fire.