Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back Home in Virginia: The Montpelier Races

November 6th was a beautiful day for the Montpelier Races held in Orange County VA. The Oak and Hickory leaves had begun changing while the afternoon sunshine warmed the crowds mingling from tailgate to tailgate and who,every once in a while, turned their gaze upward to observe the racing action.

'Team Kathryn' (the little charmer in the middle) trudges across the pasture towards the racing action.

The race course stretches across hundreds of acres so it is especially exciting when the horses and riders appear at the stretch thundering towards the finish.

I think part of the charm of Montpelier Races is that, while there is enough water-proofed Barbour fabric to cover an infield during a rain delay, there are also many locals in deer hunting attire and jeans (like my brother Stretch). -Makes the whole thing very Trailer Trad!

The Montpelier Races is kind of a homecoming for me and it was great to catch up with old highschool friends and family at a great event like that. My Grandfather was Mariam Dupont Scott's cattle foreman at Montpelier for many years during the 1950s and 1960s and those rolling hills always stir something in me.

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