Friday, November 12, 2010

Back Home in Virginia: Alma Mater Morning

On my trip back home to the Old Dominion up from The Old North State, I decided to drop by my alma mater and see how the campus is holding up. On a beautiful autumn morning, it doesn't look too shabby, does it?

The President's house? The campus art museum? Nope. It's the cafeteria. And huge keg parties used to held in the basement. Even though it was surrounded by Corinthean columns and the dining tables always had fresh table linens, it was still cafeteria food.

This is where I studied Art History and Studio Art. My art grades were pretty mediocre. I've worked on it a bit since then.

This is where French and Italian kicked my tail.

This is the building where I spent most of my time as an Economics major. The scaffolding is probably there to repair the damaged incurred by the wrecking ball that was my Statistics and Quantitative Methods grade point average.

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