Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Church Rummage Sales

Recently, I posted about some of my recent church rummage sale finds and I thought that I'd share a few more.
At the church sale pictured above, they had a number of interesting items priced right. Over a century old, the following is a nice Art Nouveau print with nice period frame. I got it for five dollars. The little baby oil painting is pretty attractive and also from the 1880s -1900s, I'd guess. -Also five dollars.
This 100 year old Dutch plate is almost large enough to be a meat plate and contains very Van Gogh-esque elements, in my opinion. Got it for $3.
I also picked these 1950s circus paintings featuring...oh no!... creeepy clownss...Yikes!!!!

What's scarier than weird clowns? How about a strange jug with and a bucktoothed profile leering out of it? The good news is that these face jugs (if they were made by the right potter) can be quite desirable and emblematic of NC Sandhills region folk art. The Seagrove area is the epicenter of this regional folk art and has quite a following. I'm not absolutely sure if this one's a gem but I think that he's got a good personality!

At the same church, I picked a few other items. Right next to the wooden chain and anchor that I showcased in my recent sporting antiques finds post were these old rolled up geography maps. I'm guessing that an old NC State professor probably donated a few items because these are from the University of Florida way back before WWII. They're actually quite cool and I'm very glad to have found them.

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