Monday, June 11, 2012

Madras Monday

I've come across some madras sportcoats since first showing this one off a couple of years ago. -But they don't have the subtle mustard yellow, faded navy blue or earthy burgundy colors. They just aren't the same. -Know what I mean?

Question: When can one begin celebrating summer by breaking out the madras sportcoat?
Answer: I dunno. It depends on when you want to kick ass.


Bucky Buford said...

Why does the madras jacket have a monogram that reads ABAS?

Anonymous said...

Man, I could really go for an ice-cold Schlitz.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Buford,

It may indeed have that prized monogram but, alas, it is not one of the long-lost patch madras examples belonging to one Jonathan Rand.

One (of the two?) was bought by Ralph Lauren Rugby and appears on their web page as we speak. It appears wringing wet as if the wearer had climbed a chain-link fence to trespass a club swimming pool and dived in.


A discerning beverage choice, my friend.