Wednesday, May 23, 2012

British Beauties

This past weekend, the Triangle British Car Club hosted their annual British Classic Car Show at North Hills. While walking around the farmer's market, I stopped by and checked out scores of classic British roadsters. Beautiful examples included everything from MGs to Austin Healeys. It was great to stroll through such great British history right in my neighborhood.


Porsche Collector said...

Nonsense, the only true "British Beauty" is Pippa Middleton. Man, she sure is pretty.

German engineering, baby, that's the stuff.

MR. IROC Z-28 said...

Jeezum' Pete, boy, I thought you're from the South. What are you doin' drooling all over these fancy pants toys. My American muscle car will blow the doors off these things. You better recognize!

Trailer Trad said...

Porsche Collector,

Speaking of Pippa Middleton, did you know that the British call a trunk a 'boot?'

Mr. Iroc Z-28,

But the thing is that, with all of the rattling around and wind, it FEELS like you're going 150mph even when you're not!

Anonymous said...

I like James Bond and pretty much anything he drives.

I also like this blog. GREAT pictures and FABULOUS insight. Well done, Mr. Trad.

I wish there was a way to "follow" Trailer Trad...

I've got to run, they're calling me now.

Bucky Buford said...

I love me that "dukes of hazard" car

Bucky Buford

Anonymous said...

What's with the fixation with Schmidt's Beer?

Hot Nut said...

Bucky is a redneck - but not in that cool Duckhead shorts and vintage Brooks Brothers fun-shirt kinda way. Bucky is straight outta "Deliverance."

Anonymous said...

I just bought a vintage swiss army knife and a WWII-era compass on ebay. I got them both, along with a whole box of Boy Scout Handbooks and camporee patches for $10. I wish I could show them to you, Mr. Trad, you might like me. Jodi Foster never really liked me.

Trailer Trad said...

Anon 10:11,

Thank you very much!

Bucky Buford,

You’ll be glad to know that your latest Masters Champion Bubba Watson owns a SWEET, exact replica of The General Lee.

Anon. 4:44,

That’s Schlitz and if you’re cleverly implying product placement on this blog, you’ve over-estimated Schlitz’s ad budget.

Hot Nut,

You bandy around ‘Duck Head shorts’ like you own a few pair. –I’ll buy some if you have any extras…

Anonymous 9:17,

You knew Jodi Foster? Hmm… you’re not Walter Matthau, are you? I loved Bad News Bears! Wait, I guess you wouldn’t be him…Never mind.

Trailer Trad said...

A commenter very knowledgable on the subject (let's call him "John") informed me that it was Tatem O'Neil, not Jodie Foster, who starred in The Bad News Bears.

-What a Freaky Friday!

Wodka Drinka' said...

Triumph is nice car. I want. Call me Russian Trader if you have extra....or can get one fast. I trade two pair of Duckheads (used), one John Lennon Beatles wig from 1960's, some baseball cards of guy named Roberto Clemente, and recent picture of John Travolta in drag.

Original Russian Trader/Picker said...

Be forewarned that "Wodka Drinka" is NOT the original Russian Trader.

I am also changing name to Russian Picker to facilitate reality show contract, but like John Mellencamp, I will phase in new reality show name, so for now I am Russian Trader Picker.

Pay no attention to other fake Russian Trader on this website.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee's Best or Mickey's Big Mouth would do well to advertise here.

Original Russian Trader/Picker said...

How much for Roberto Clemente baseball card from fake Russian Trader?

Anonymous said...

Is there a Trailer Trade Twitter feed?

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Drinka,

I'll take the Duck Heads if they were made in OUR Georgia but NYET if they were made in YOUR Georgia.

OT (Original Trader),

Pitch your show concept to that RT (Russia Today) cable channel. They might go for it.

Anon 6:00,

We welcome innovative products here at Trailer Trad and, face it, what could be more advisable than a gigantic opening at the top of a bottle of malt liquor to allow more of the contents to gush down one's gullet?

Anon 6:04,

A warm welcome from Trailer Trade, your online source for all things trailer related. Now, I want to discuss 'ball hitches.'

I have to have someone tech savvy advise me on the pros/cons of a twitter feed. I will consider it along with adding 'follower' feature. Thanks for your question!

On the other hand, if you REALLY ARE shopping for used trailers, I wish you Godspeed in your arrand.